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Reachin: Breaking Silence, Ending Stigma

Every year, most of us go for physical checkup. Blood test, urine test. But why we didn't do the same for our mental health. Many of us think that mental illness is a sign of weakness. And others don't even know where to reach out for help. Mental illness, such as depression or anxiety can be as common as a flu or a fever. Every 1 in 3 Malaysians are suffering from mental health issues. It can affect anyone, even those who are physically fit an healthy. Reachin is an online platform providing free mental health screenings for everyone. Just click on the link in the post and do the test. After the tests, you will receive a score that indicates your mental health status and recommendations for further support if needed. Our health is not just about how healthy our bodies are, it is also about our minds as well. There is no health without mental health. A way to determine this is just one click away. So, Reachin now. I am Gary. With you, MY Psychology


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